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More information:US-Czech Republic, Guangzhou International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a country by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the General Administration of Customs approved the right to import and export companies. Mainly engaged in shipping, air transport, warehousing, logistics and information technology. So that your company can effectively improve the competitiveness, reduce costs and deployment of resources. The Company and the international courier companies (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc.), postal packets, air / shipping companies in close cooperation, for your company to provide safe and efficient global transportation services. The company has a good business, good management, experienced and innovative management and a lean, efficient and vibrant team and dedication to build bridges for your trade, reduce operating costs and achieve efficient flow of goods. Adhering to the "professional, efficient and trustworthy" service Zunzhi, abide by the "treasure by the care, perfect" service commitment. To be able to work with your company to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation, the Company will be the best service, the lowest fees, to provide you with reasonable and safe mode of operation. The Company is committed to continuous improvement services, and continuously improve efficiency, and constantly strengthen management, and strive to make customers and agents satisfied. We always carry out to customers, agents as the center; for the purpose of quality service to customers, agents of the requirements for the mission to all partners for the purpose of common profit. We cherish every customer and agent commissioned, loyalty will be your express mail and goods quickly, accurately and safely reach the destination.

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