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More information:, Ltd., Registered capital of 5 million, mainly engaged in international courier door - to - door business, including air transport (1), the international express delivery, , Land, air door to door service. With 10 years of experience in line, in 2012, the founder led a group of experienced professionals to establish a Chinese headquarters, integrating the advantages of local operations, flight routes, international clearance and delivery team advantage, creating the Asian Dedicated lines, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, for each country in different backgrounds and conditions, the development of a different content and the level of service to meet different customer needs. Combined with e-commerce development, but also carried out warehousing, currency exchange, storage and personnel leasing and other extension services. The company "to continue to meet customer needs, to maintain Asia's leading green express delivery market leading position" for business goals, to keep forge ahead, pay attention to quality of attitude, and strengthen personnel strategy, through continuous technological innovation and information systems structures, enhance the transport network and standardization System, to create the most optimized green mode, to provide our clients with safe, fast, professional, satisfied with the logistics services.

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