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telephone number:+1-604-278 7757

More information:PANEX COURIER SERVICES LID, a Vancouver, Canada-based international courier company that specializes in the delivery of personal items, is comprised of a group of couriers dedicated to the express delivery business in China, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe have their own independent logistics branch and warehousing distribution center. In order to make your overseas shipments more secure and efficient delivery, we and China Post Logistics (EMS) at the end of 2013 signed a formal agreement to become China's special overseas partners, and EMS standard courier as the only personal items in mainland China to enter the territory Express customs clearance, delivery channels. At the same time we also have a professional team of logistics and intimate logistics consultant. We hope that with the first-class website system platform, a sound logistics warehousing system, a wealth of port resources for your cross-border e-commerce, personal Hai Amoy provide a full range of customs declaration, distribution, warehousing value-added services. In addition, we also provide the most professional international shipping, air and bonded warehousing services for your trading business. Whether you need to emigrate overseas or study abroad, we are always at your side, to provide you with professional international private baggage removal services, allowing you peace of mind and peace of mind. We always need to escort your logistics needs.

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