Name of logistics: Tuo Wei days of the sea
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telephone number:400-8850-878

More information:Founded in 2008, TuoWei TianHai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd is an enterprise registered and registered by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. It is mainly engaged in American shipping, American air freight, American Express and American small bag logistics service. The agent has international air cargo sales agent and Operating international express qualification. Company and the United States signed a postal cooperation, the development of system software, its own trucks, providing maritime transport, air transport, courier services to the United States Shuangqing to the door. Companies with the airlines freight department gradually established a good relationship of cooperation, improve the express freight network, the collection of money, freight to pay, and off-site transfer cargo and other services. The company has a good quality, capable and efficient professional express logistics team, customer-core, with the most professional spirit to provide professional logistics services.

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