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More information:Jun-hui is the express delivery company's franchise express delivery business organizations. The group has more than 70 branches in the world, mainly engaged in shipping, air transport, warehousing, logistics and information technology. Annual turnover of nearly 10 billion, well-funded, talent. Junhui Express is a newly developed project of Junhui Group. It belongs to Sino-foreign joint ventures in China and is the first class freight forwarder approved by the state. Express are mainly engaged in international express mail, international green, domestic express mail, China to Hong Kong and Macao in the express mail and goods, customs 报检, international and domestic air transport, and so on. Jun-hui has a good delivery business, good management, experienced and innovative management and a lean, efficient and vibrant team. Jun-hui courier to the national customers and agents to provide "a platform, two networks, a number of channels." A number of channels, that is, integration of international and domestic well-known, high efficiency and good service courier business resources, that is, domestic and international distribution network, Using their channel for all of our customers and agents.

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