Name of logistics: China Post
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telephone number:(086)11185

More information:China Post is a wholly state-owned company managed by the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China on behalf of the State Council and is responsible for the postal business of the Mainland of China. Is "separation of government and enterprises" and accept the State Post Bureau's business supervision. On October 4, 1995, the General Post Office of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was officially registered as a legal entity, namely "General Post Office of China Post and Telecommunications" or "China Post". January 29, 2007, China Post Group and the State Post Bureau was set up, China Post separate. Collectively known as "China Post". In 2009, China Post was selected as the world's largest postal network in the world record association of China, creating a number of the world's most, China's most. State Post Bureau with the State Civil Aviation Administration by the Ministry of Transport leadership, the State Post Bureau to become deputy ministerial level postal industry regulator. China Post Group, the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the State Council temporarily fulfill the obligations of investors, the China Post Group as operating post offices across the country (the) the central institutions, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered 80 billion yuan, a wholly state-owned vice- Focus on central enterprises. At this point, the China Post postal separation of the curtain opened, but the tide of postal reform has not stopped.

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