Name of logistics: Belarus Post
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telephone number:375 17 293 59 10

More information:Belarus Post is a Belarusian postal company that performs the functions of the national postal operations. Belarus Post joined the Universal Postal Union in 1949. In 1995 the Belarusian postal service was separated from the Telegraphic Republic, and a postal joint venture composed of six regional and state postal enterprises, "Minsk Post" enterprises, automobile bases and special communication centers was set up - Belarus Post. There are 3860 post offices, of which 3153 are rural branch offices. The Belarusian Post attaches great importance to the automation of the windows, and more than 1,000 window terminals have been used in the postal branches of the city. By analyzing the actual situation of postal communication technology equipment, the high degree of depreciation for postal transport vehicles, and the inadequacy of modern computer technology hardware and software configuration can not guarantee the high quality service to customers and hinder the development of new postal services. Belarus The Post has developed plans to improve the technical base of the material and to equip modern information technology equipment. Postal investment is mainly used to invest 50% of equipment in postal enterprises; to invest 35% in postal facilities; and to purchase means of transport to ensure the transportation of mail and newspapers (15% of investment).

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