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More information:Pentium Logistics registered name: Chengdu Pentium Logistics Co., Ltd., established in 2006 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, is a trunk transport as a leader, Air Express, warehousing, urban distribution, international express, international air transport and maritime services as the core Business of integrated logistics enterprises. The company based in Sichuan, southwest radiation, adhere to the "convenient, fast, safe, value," the quality, self-reliance, forge ahead, after years of painstaking efforts, has formed a four-covered southwest regional high-quality warehousing and distribution platform. Since the establishment of the company, has made express delivery business license, road transport permits, container transport permits; at the same time made a number of international express delivery in Sichuan authorized agents to become FedEx service providers. International Division set up a professional team engaged in cross-border business business. The company has improved the introduction of talent, education and training, promotion and elimination mechanism, has a vibrant, positive, united as one of the professional team. Company employees more than 150 people, including high school, secondary education accounted for 15 percent, accounting for 60 percent of college education, accounting for 20 percent of undergraduate degrees. Management of the average academic qualifications are in college, and has a wealth of practical experience in the industry.

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