Name of logistics: UCGLOBAL
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telephone number:+91 22 2682 1071 / 72 / 73 / 74

More information:We, Global Express are very pleased to introduce ourselves to your esteemed organization. GM is a specialized team of professionals in the express industry have different experiences. In addition to independent operations for major international destinations, we are also the Numero Uno distributor of TNT Express Worldwide Limited. We have been trying to provide unparalleled courier service to all our customers. Universal provides solutions through the application of proven platforms and the adaptability of emerging technologies. Our customer service team is fully equipped with an on-line tracking system and other communication aids to enable 24/7 tracking and timely delivery of your goods. We guarantee that all goods will be handled with great care and will also be booked by an approved courier company. Through our emphasis on quality service, we not only have multinational companies as our patrons, but also from the banking, financial, pharmaceutical, export, textile and other industries customers. You can also take advantage of our various product lines, giving priority to the global gold premium per consignment.

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