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More information:GELS (Global E-commerce Logistics Solutions) Logistics Inc. is an international logistics company registered in California, USA, and is a global leading provider of logistics solutions for international e-commerce. Zebra Internet of Things is GELS Logistics Inc. integration of the Group's premium brand resources, "Zebra logistics" strong to build a new international e-commerce logistics platform. E-commerce warehousing, order management, remote distribution, e-commerce supply chain consulting and other services to meet the needs of different buyers and sellers of the global e-commerce sellers or buyers to provide overseas collection, export customs clearance, international transport, destination country import clearance, And the seller needs a one-stop logistics solution platform. Zebra Internet of Things new e-collection and e warehousing services. Optimization and integration of the world's outstanding service network and transportation partners, 360-degree all-round build professional, standard international e-commerce logistics service platform. A key e collection, enjoy the convenience of global shopping and procurement; a key e warehousing, bulk processing of large orders, at home, easy control and management of goods storage and transportation around the world.

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