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More information:The Republic of Colombia is located in the northwest of South America, west of the Pacific Ocean, north of the Caribbean Sea, east of Venezuela, southeast of Brazil, south of Peru, Ecuador and northwest of Panama. Member of the League of South American Nations. Population and ethnicity Indo-European mixed race accounted for 60%, Caucasians accounted for 20%, black and white mixed race accounted for 18%, the rest for the black and the Indians, population annual growth rate of 1.79%. Spanish is the national language, Catholic. The capital of Santa Fe de Bogotá. In addition to the coastal plains in the west, for the west, middle and east of the three parallel Cordillera mountains constitute the plateau, the mountains are wide throughout the south there is a series of volcanic cone, northwest Magdalena River alluvial plain, Waterways are different, widely distributed lake. The Colombian economy is plagued by a weakening domestic demand, a grim government budget and the security situation of suffering.

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