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telephone number:020-36772597

More information:Guangzhou Yi De International Logistics (Yi De International) is a brand of Guangzhou Xuejiaying Trade Co., Ltd., established in 2008. Our focus on the international electronic business platform services: Ebay, Wish, Amazon, Alibaba, speed through its own platform, such as well-known national companies. International business, including: international express, international postal parcel, the international green, the international sea and air transport, intelligent integration of efficient operation of high-quality enterprises, committed to providing customers the best quality export logistics services. Yi Germany International since its establishment, adhere to the concept of leading science and technology, attention to personnel development, and constantly open up automation, information technology of modern logistics system. Customers would like to think that anxious customers need to enhance the operational efficiency and customer experience for the purpose of working together to provide customers the best quality channels, the most trusted services.

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