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telephone number:852-27530392

More information:ACS International Express Logistics Group, in the Yikeweizun, timely service, accurate arrival in mind for customers in the Greater China region to transport documents and goods. Distribution companies throughout the 10 locations in Taiwan, overseas, including Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China and other 34 positions, and joined the company more than 150. Greater China region of goods, documents unimpeded, with the industry that the Greater China region express star reputation. ACS strives to be the "largest" cross-strait express logistics service provider in the Greater China region, with steady import and export volume growth and "the only" reach: truck pickup -> transhipment -> export declaration -> aviation flight The whole process of "one-stop" self-care, to the global distribution of real-time monitoring system (Real Time Global POD Tracking) of the air shipping logistics company since the period to achieve information flow and logistics The seamless operation of the synchronization platform.

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