Name of logistics: Central Asia
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telephone number:02-2666-7114

More information:South Korea Central Asia Express, we give all our customers find ADC hangun Dear heartfelt thanks. In addition, we want you to be healthy and happy with their clients all the time. Our representatives are experienced logistics and skilled employees in the DHL with years of experience in the know-how agency services in the global logistics company. By running the entire core area of ??the system and the world of structured operating systems, moving in the world to enhance the competitiveness of our immediate offices in promoting the development of trade than other customers GLOBAL NET-WORK I have a sense of responsibility in the 21st century . Through a more active management and development of the future so common, as a global logistics company all the sincerity and enthusiasm I am sure that this will be your business success of business partners. Export / Import Details / Trade Declaration / Shipping Inquiry With Honesty and Responsibility Through our 24-hour service I guarantee that you can get the satisfactory result of the consultation. I wish you and your geonseung important role in the development. Thank you.

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