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More information:AAC's affiliates have been established since 1982, with as many as 20 direct locations in the Chinese region. At that time, due to fierce competition in Taipei express industry, after careful assessment, the first business base located in Taipei County Xinzhuang City for Taipei County customer service. At the beginning of the AAC is only a four station, three would like to break a day of young people and a good friend, Bingzhe customer first principle, so began the "courier" career. Thank you very much Mr. Zhang and all the good friends were great help and advice, accompanied by our growth. It is difficult to imagine our first shipment, when the airport has not yet set up Express CZ area, all courier OBC goods are in with the visitors grab the counter. Every evening, the bus terminal to the scary it! Subsequently, the Government to rectify the airport image, and then set up a "courier zone" centralized management of express cargo.

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