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More information:Airpak Express Singapore was founded in 1990 and has a wide network of networks worldwide. With the growth of the Singapore market, we are now assisting companies and individuals in the region with their logistics needs. Airpak Express (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 1992 and we have a modest beginning with four (4) employees and a warehouse area of ??650 square feet. Today, Airpak Express (M) Ltd. has more than 300 employees in Petaling Jaya Selangor, with 25,000 square feet of warehouse space. We will expand our warehouse and operations next year. Airpak Freight and Logistic was established in 2007 to support express and air and sea freight in Malaysia and West Malaysia and international shipping. Airpak freight and logistics also handles project cargo and other odd sized cargoes that can not be processed quickly. Airpak Freight and Logistic is a licensed Air and Sea broker. Airpak Freight is able to handle all types of air and sea imports and exports. Airpak Freight and Logistic is a subsidiary of Airpak Express Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Airpak Express (M) Sdn Bhd is currently one of the top ten express companies in Malaysia. In Malaysia, our network covers more than 90% of all states and towns in eastern and western Malaysia. The Airpak Group is able to handle a wide range of logistics services in Singapore, Malaysia and the international sector. Our services include warehousing, fulfillment of shipment (electronic commerce), bulk delivery, manual shipment, domestic shipment and international shipment.

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