Name of logistics: Hong Feng
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telephone number:(021) 51560666

More information:Shanghai Hongfeng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was established in July 2005, formerly known as Shanghai Mao Hong International Freight Co., Ltd. under the branch (established in September 1998) is a collection of civil air transport agents, sea and land international freight forwarders Business in one of a freight forwarding logistics enterprises. Shanghai Hongfeng in 2003 in the international express mail market successfully created the Asia-Ex the brand, the development of Shanghai - Japan courier service, and gradually formed the company's own core business. Japan's delivery business commitment to customers within 48 hours of 98% of the goods served on various destinations in Japan. Shanghai Hongfeng has two operations centers in Shanghai, with a number of outstanding IT, logistics operations and other fields of expertise, with Shanghai to Japan, the advantages of courier services in the country to establish Asia-Ex's sales network, and Increasing market share.

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