Name of logistics: China Post Express
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telephone number:+612 8774 3488

More information:Headquartered in Sydney, Australia business center. A brand new logistics provider for Australian logistics services (small-size express, bulk freight). Is has many years of international freight business background and rich customs clearance experience of the logistics elite team. We have our own customs clearance license in Australia and Australia. Our parent company was established in 1998. We are an international freight forwarding company founded in 1998. We are based in Guangdong and Hong Kong, , For the global development, today has a mature freight forwarding network, services around the world. Australia and China Express, the spirit of professional, dedicated, dedicated spirit, the use of the company's own resources, with a wealth of professional experience, improve the domestic and international networks, advanced information systems, good government relations, providing Australia and China Fast air and sea logistics freight services. Has been for many business guests to provide reliable and perfect transport programs and effective customs clearance services. The real time for the guests, effort, money, in the industry has an excellent reputation.

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