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telephone number:+61 3 98 88 94 23

More information:Auspicious Express was established in 2014, the headquarters set up in Melbourne. Auspicious Express China partners mainly engaged in the United States exports to China 's private goods network to buy and logistics business, has a mature transport network and logistics services experience. Because the Australian Chinese personal items for the increasing demand for mail back to China, is now opening the door to door personal delivery services in China. We have a number of formal customs clearance in China, qualified to meet the majority of Chinese friends for milk powder, health products, as well as other types of personal items express back to China's request. Our express time for 6-8 working days, up to 14 working days. We have our own strong logistics database system, to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods on time. We have a professional customer service, your questions we will answer the first time, we can also WeChat or QQ, etc. to inform you of the real-time status of the goods. Auspicious with independent operation of the overseas warehouse, the person responsible for the domestic customs clearance process, in the last mile delivery, select SF, Yuantong, EMS and other high-quality company sent the goods to reach customers in the hands of security.

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