Name of logistics: Bahrain Post
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telephone number:8000 8001

More information:The state of bahrain, a West Asian country located in the west of Asia, is an island country in the southwest of the Persian Gulf. It lies between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is a tropical desert climate and oil is the backbone of the national economy. Arabs account for about 60 per cent and 75 to 80 per cent of the population live in urban areas. Islam is the state religion, the vast majority of residents believe in Islam Shias, the domestic general practice 5 times a day of worship and other religious ceremonies. Arabic is the official language. Bahrain was originally a British colony, August 15, 1971 declared independence, the capital Manama (Manama). Bahrain, in Arabic, means "two streams of water, two seas". Later discovered in 1933 oil, Bahrain became the first oil exploration in the Gulf countries, is also the Gulf region banking and financial center.

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