Name of logistics: Beijing Babai
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telephone number:010-84011033,84012366,64005348

More information:In 2003, Baoli Express was born in the capital, adhering to the historical mission, with advanced business ideas, sincere customer service philosophy and the unity of all staff hard work, has now formed a better set of courier, logistics and distribution as a whole Of the logistics service system. My company's business scope covers a letter from the bulk of the goods to the door-to-door service to ensure that customers can be efficient delivery of goods on time destination. A group of proficient in business, dedicated professional, 24 hours to provide you with distribution, packaging, delivery and other train services. Express Center, distribution center, call center, financial center and other important departments and a reasonable price system, give full consideration to the specific needs of customers, embody the new century express industry Sincere service

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