Name of logistics: Shenzhen Bangda
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telephone number:400-655-5548

More information:Shenzhen Bangda International Logistics Co., Ltd. is China's Civil Aviation Administration of China and China Civil Aviation Authority of the South designated international freight forwarders, is a collection of international air transport, courier and import as one of the goods transport enterprises. BONDA always adhere to customer-centric; quality services for the purpose of customer needs for the mission to all partners win-win situation as the goal; cherish every customer commission to ensure that the customer's goods quickly and safely reach the destination. In order to better provide customers with quality service, Bangda and the global service providers to open up a unique advantage of the "Vietnam Line", can provide you with professional, convenient and efficient service. At the same time, we fully agents of the world's four major express delivery companies (FedEX, UPS, TNT, DHL) international express delivery business. Bangda is committed to strengthening the company's infrastructure, operating network all self-built, self-employed, vigorously promote the standardization of work processes, equipment and systems in improving the technological content, but also hard skills, and continuously improve staff business Skills and quality, with a view to providing customers with better service, 竭力 the "Bangda" playing an international brand.

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