Name of logistics: Bhutan Post
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telephone number:975 02334444

More information:Bhutan's first post office was opened on October 10, 1962, the same year, Paro and Thimphu also opened the post office. It is known as the postal and telecommunications sector and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications. This was the first step the Royal Government had taken to promote a complete set of communications. The policy was launched on the eve of the first five-year plan, noting the importance of a unified communications approach that would balance socio-economic development and spread all over the country. The initial services provided were basic postal services such as letters, postcards and packages. At that time, Bhutan and India's mail exchange is through the porter, mule and motor combination way of transport. Although rugged terrain and harsh climatic conditions have created difficulties for postal services, it is indeed an effective way of advancing the country's development, particularly for the development of remote rural areas.

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