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More information:Jin Yue international courier companies in the transport service industry has nearly 20 years of experience, and gradually the traditional transport companies, customers preferred the transformation of the international professional courier company. "Jin Yue Express" uphold the principle of the supremacy of customers and the spirit of the first service to sound and reliable business attitude, quickly win the trust of all sectors, continue to provide more rapid and more secure customer service as the goal, with the world access development Trend, in recent years gradually expand the business scope of the tentacles to the international community, and in the global economic activities focus on the establishment of major cities operating center to gradually expand the regional international international express delivery company, in addition to a number of multinational express delivery companies , In order to achieve "convenient" and "rapid" "safe" the best professional service. In addition to Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland as the main market, more international, such as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States will soon be incorporated into our service market; the two sides of the market, a total of three hundred service positions and More than thousands of employees for your most rapid, most professional courier service, "Jin Yue Express" is definitely your most wise choice.

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