Name of logistics: Canada Post
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telephone number:1 866 607 6301

More information:Canada Post was founded in 1981 to provide postal courier services to people in Canada who like to post important postal mail, including postal courier, electronic parcels, postal remittance, and the importance of the various types of mail insurance service. To meet the growing needs of online retailers and shoppers, Canada Post offers a whole new range of online services and multiple delivery options including safe delivery, evening delivery and Saturday delivery. In the daily life, people's bank bills, telephone bills, all kinds of bills, checks, driver's license, health card, maple leaf card, credit card and other important letters and their documents are delivered through the postal service, proving the postal industry in Canada Good reputation for protection. Canadian postal parcel is a lot of people in Canada mailing things back often used to send things from Canada to the country according to the aging and service can choose a different courier service for business needs can choose the more expensive Priority Worldwide or Xpresspost International Express , This way the normal week will be sent for light delivery, such as Priority is the Canadian post office to provide a larger courier bag, as long as you can plug in, how many can be installed, need 70 Canadian dollars (about 400 RMB) . As detailed below, followed by the slower, but less costly, Letter-post, Small Packet Air, or International Parcel Air, which typically takes two to three weeks. The slowest is the Parcel Surface, the time to calculate, but the most expensive.

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