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More information:As a state enterprise, the Czech postal company in 1993 to achieve. In 2007, the government approved the Czech postal reform in July 2009 as a public limited company, but the plan was suspended. In 2007, the value of the Czech Republic's mail market was approximately 318 million. In recent years, an important part of the market, including direct mail and international export correspondence, has been liberalized, so Czech Post has lost both market share. Despite this, the Czech Post still has advantages in postal mail. Local postal operators Mediaservis and TNT became the main competitors. Despite the fierce competition, Czech post is still the main operator in the parcel and courier market. 2002 accounted for about 30% of market share, but with the international competitors in recent years to join, its market share is gradually reduced. Major competitors include local companies such as PPL and Toptrans, as well as international giants such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. International giants have steadily captured the market through steady growth in business volume and continued acquisitions of domestic companies (PPL was acquired by DHL from fiscal 2005 to fiscal 2006). Czech Post plans to transform into a commercial postal company, focusing on domestic postal operations. Opening up the postal market is part of the ongoing reform. Since 2006, the Czech post began to provide a series of new modern electronic business, in preparation for market opening, the ultimate beneficiaries for the user. Last year, Czech Post introduced a data-messaging service to replace registered mail in the future. As of mid-December 2009, the new business to run a half months, sending a total of 2 million messages. In addition, the postal service operator also introduces the free SMS service newly, and informs the user who accepts the information. The Czech Post has changed the postal network modernization concept by introducing the latest information technology, redesigning counters and new uniforms to meet the European standards for postal infrastructure construction. Based on the concept of a "future branch", the first redesigned branch opened in Prague in June last year. The Czech Post Network has a total of 3392 branches. The latest development is a pilot project called Post Office Partners, which aims to provide postal services to small urban residents. The postal cooperation model has been successfully applied in the neighboring EU member states, plans to establish at least 60 branch offices this year.

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