Name of logistics: Brazil Post
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telephone number:55 61 3003 0100

More information:In 1663 in the Brazilian mainland formally established post office. In 1892 the establishment of postal administrations, branches in Brazil to establish representative offices. August 1, 1843 the first official issue of Brazilian stamps. In 1852 the establishment of the Brazilian telegraph office. 1900 began to handle the international parcel business. International air mail began in 1921. In 1974 opened the night air post. In Brazil, the establishment of the Brazilian postal network in Brazil in 1978, the establishment of the Brazilian postal management school. In 1980 the Brazil Post and Telegraph Museum was completed in Brasilia. In 1997, the State Secretariat of Posts and Postal Affairs was established in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Brazil. In 1999 Brazil issued the world's first fragrance stamps. Brazil opened in 2000 to facilitate the export of postal services.

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