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telephone number:(506) 2410 0095

More information:Costa Rican Post's group of 112 branches, previously solely "selling stamps", has become a trading platform and center, said Mauricio Rojas, manager of Costa Rica's postal group. Local residents can send parcels, online shopping, apply for a certificate from the public registry, obtain a US visa, apply for a passport, apply for a weapon license and apply for a residence permit. More and more advanced technology is being used in Costa Rica's daily mail service, and the Costa Rica Post Group will provide hand-held mobile terminal equipment to all metropolitan area postal staff for immediate updating of parcel information. The aim of the Costa Rican Post Group is to develop the company into an advanced logistics operator, from accepting financial allocations to earning profits, and expanding the size of the staff and the site on an existing basis. Costa Rica Post Group Manager said that in addition to the traditional US market, the postal packets from China growing, in particular, Alibaba site convenient and low-cost local customers favor. Costa Rica customers are increasingly using credit cards to buy electronic goods, clothing and jewelry on foreign websites, and some small and medium-sized businesses and individuals also sell their products via web sites and social networks. According to Kantar Worldpanel company data show that Costa Rica is the Central American network to buy the largest number of countries, online shopping population ratio of 12%.

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