Name of logistics: China Railway Express
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telephone number:95572

More information:China Railway Express Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned professional transportation enterprise directly under the Ministry of Railways and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce with a registered capital of 2.693 billion yuan. The company has 18 branches in China Branch offices, eight subsidiaries, 683 cities in the country with 2004 business offices, door to door distribution service network covering 896 cities (including counties, districts.) China Railway Express bear the national railway luggage parcel transport work, through the railway passenger luggage Car, express cargo train, car and other modes of transport and throughout the country's business network, to provide customers with national railway luggage parcel transport services, the country's 1,000 major cities door-to-door express service and packaging, warehousing, distribution and other logistics services. The national railway luggage transport resources, responsible for the national railway luggage carts and parcel, parcel fast express train operation management.The company is equipped with 2184 railway passenger car luggage car, railway express 4464, belonging to road transport and urban distribution vehicles 2474, Trailers, tractors, forklifts total 11,600 in 616.5 pairs of railway passenger trains hanging luggage car, in more than 30 domestic cities between the daily fixed-line 8-line express mail express train, 2 rows of fast line mail Train and 32 rows of parcel express train, the daily delivery of baggage parcels of about 170 million, the annual volume of 13.3 million tons.

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