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More information:Chuanxi logistics originated in Shanxi, set up in June 2008, its predecessor was the Shanxi-Chuan-freight Limited. The company has Chuanxi (Beijing) Logistics Co., Ltd., Jilin Branch, Shanxi Branch, initially built to Chuan-brand as the core of the regional-type COD logistics and distribution group. The company focused on modern e-commerce COD (collection of money) distribution business, is the first specialized in the logistics of logistics services, through a strong accumulation of corporate culture accumulation, the use of modern management concepts, with advanced e-commerce logistics software and logistics Equipment, and gradually formed a set of marketing, warehousing, logistics, sorting, delivery, customer service, billing, quality control, analysis of an integrated management system. The company adopts the matrix management mode, and the headquarter has such management institutions as marketing center, operation center, network center, financial center, administrative center and president office. The branch has the following departments: transportation management department, network management department, customer service department, Department, the Executive Department and other executive departments, the staff of more than 200 people, nearly 2,000 staff delivery. It covers an area of ??more than 100 million square kilometers, serving more than 200 million population, is the largest distribution network in North China, Northeast China. The distribution network covers more than 100 million square kilometers.

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