Name of logistics: Shandong D speed
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telephone number:0531-88636363

More information:According to the Hermes brand, a wide range of specialist companies operate on the retail value chain, providing comprehensive logistics services to meet global needs. Whether business or consumer, at home or abroad, at your doorstep or in e-commerce, more than 12,000 highly trained employees strive to achieve a single goal: fully committed to all of our experience for our customers The success and more relaxed daily life. It starts with purchasing, all over the world. Followed by product testing and quality assurance. Hermes also offers sea and air logistics. In addition, online store development and operation. Our product portfolio also provides comprehensive fulfillment services, including warehousing and returns management. Round-off is the distribution of all transport types to the end customer. This makes Hermes the only global provider of such a complete full-service portfolio of service providers, and always work closely with customers. As a reliable partner of a growing international operating company, Hermes not only through its tradition with the retailers in close cooperation, but also according to the demand to achieve personalized custom solutions.

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