Name of logistics: Beijing Ocean
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telephone number:400-820-0088

More information:Ocean Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1, 2003, in order to standardize the development and expansion of business, in May 2010 incorporated Ocean Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Express Association, Beijing Chamber of Commerce for SMEs Member units, the Chinese Association of COD distribution of the governing units, the Beijing Municipal Federation of Industry and member units. Ocean Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Beijing, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, the actual investment has reached 20 million yuan, has now opened throughout Beijing, Tianjin, part of the regional distribution network, is mainly engaged in warehousing, Distribution and collection of payment services of modern enterprises, is currently the largest in North China, the most professional one of the COD distribution company.

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