Name of logistics: Germany post
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telephone number:0228 4333118

More information:Deutsche Post AG (LSE: DPO) is a privately owned postal company established by the privatization of the Federal Post Office in 1995. Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Post AG are two other companies. In order to prevent the abuse of the postal market, the Regulierungsbeh?rde für Telekommunikation und Post (RegTP) (also through the Postal Act) was established and maintained by the Government in the postal sector And reasonable competition in the field of telecommunications services. Since then Deutsche Post has built the Deutsche Post International Network through corporate acquisitions (DHL, postal bank, Danzas, etc.). 2010 revenues of 51.48 billion euros, earnings of 2.541 billion euros. By 2010 Deutsche Post's network covers 220 countries and regions, the world has about 421,270 employees. Deutsche Post currently has four main areas of business: mail, courier, logistics and finance.

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