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telephone number:010-67623017 

More information:Beijing Donghui Feihong International Courier Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in courier logistics, collection of money, city distribution, free warehousing, valet shopping, e-commerce in various forms of product marketing in one enterprise. Founded in November 15, 2007, headquartered in Beijing, China, Tung Fai Express is committed to the development of China's express logistics market has reached ten years; during the company followed China's economic development and strategic pace, familiar with China Express Logistics market development law, to cultivate industry strength, build express logistics network, the prosperity of regional economy spared no effort, the company will focus on the development of East-Express logistics alliance project, to create Chinese-led high-quality courier logistics brand, for Donghui customers to create rich Of the results, so that truly contribute to serving the people, for the community to promote development for the market economy model.

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