Name of logistics: Taiwan Di Biyi
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telephone number:021-64659883

More information:Established in 1983 as one of the world's leading international air courier companies, DPEX International has established a global network of professionals including Asia, Europe, Australia, Oceania, Central and South America, Latin America and Africa. More than 190 countries around the world of emergency, important business information and samples. DPEX network extends the seven continents, for business institutions around the world to provide fast, safe, reliable delivery and delivery services to more than 190 countries or regions, our offices or agents in the local strength of the courier institutions, local Customers provide peace of mind to the service. Our comprehensive express tracking system, "Net-Trak", connects offices around the world and keeps us up-to-date with our 24-hour data exchange. The large central database enables customers to get the latest information on the Internet. news. After 20 years of development history, DPEX has become a pivotal express network, we can let customers touch the world. With 7 stations, 340 service centers, 265 daily flights, more than 2500 fleets and 4,000 employees, we can provide you with the most efficient service. With our commitment to professional and beyond Connaught provide customer service requirements. Develop the DPEX team spirit, so that we become the top all-weather transport service providers. Every DPEX employee is rigorously trained to ensure that all customer shipments are fully catered for. We wholeheartedly understand the needs of customers, keep making progress, - Connaught to provide you with satisfactory service, in every possible way.

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