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telephone number:021-61139222

More information:Shanghai Baifu Oriental International Logistics Co., Ltd. of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, the Civil Aviation Administration approved an international freight forwarding enterprises. The company operating the international and domestic import and export of goods by air, sea, express mail transport agency business, to provide goods, Dingcang, customs, 报检, playing board, demolition board, warehousing, multimodal transport and integrated logistics and other supporting services. The first company to establish a first-class independent IT software platform for international and domestic network construction has laid a good foundation. At present in the traditional freight forwarding enterprises to the modern logistics industry in the transformation of the Shanghai Pak Fuk, "in the limited logistics areas to provide customers with unlimited quality service" for the purpose, to full of enthusiasm and the pursuit of a perfect heart, to promote the Shanghai Pak Fuk Service quality perfect.

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