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More information:Billion Heng - worry-free trade innovation service model representatives in the cross-border trade in 20 years of struggle to form a logistics express delivery, customs clearance, electricity providers distribution, exhibition services one-stop service platform. Effectively reducing the risk of cross-border trade, facilitate the material rotation, shortening the trade cycle, to provide customers with worry-free cross-border trade services. Billion Heng has a e-commerce sales system and its overseas warehousing hardware facilities, and in Russia, Central Asia and other countries have a first-line service network, built on the Russian supply chain integrated service platform. Company employees more than 200 people, fixed assets Guoyi, registered capital of 12 million. At present, China's eight cities and five foreign cities with offices, opened China's Russia to more than 10 major cities of the green business. Through the Suifenhe to Russia's major cities of the railway express line; Beijing by Moscow air routes in major cities; China's major ports in Vladivostok to Moscow, the major cities of the sea and railway lines. According to the advantages of combining the port industry characteristics, the development of clothing, luggage, small 100, 100, gloves and other green customs clearance channels, to provide high-quality, efficient and safe transport services. Over the years, the company adhere to the "quality within the strong, the plastic image of" management philosophy and the "integrity first, pioneering" business purpose, to achieve the simultaneous development of high-speed, high efficiency and cost-effective development.

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