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More information:The Republic of Guatemala is a presidential republic in Central America, in the southern part of the North American continent. West of the Pacific Ocean, east of the Caribbean, north and Mexico phase, to the northeast of Belize, to the southeast of Honduras and El Salvador, the national total area of ??108,889 square kilometers. Guatemala is one of the ancient Indians of the Mayan Cultural Center. In 1524 became the Spanish colony. September 15, 1821 declared independence. In 1823 to join the Central American Federation. In 1839 the establishment of the Republic. After the long-term dictatorship. Beginning in 1944 the democratization process. It was only in December 1996 that civil unrest, which lasted for 36 years, ended. Guatemala has a total of Antigua Guatemala, Kirigi Archaeological Park and the Mayan cultural sites, Tikal National Park, 3 World Cultural Heritage.

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