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telephone number:600-5-99999

More information:UAE Post continues to seek to provide postal services and solutions that match the latest global postal trends. To provide customer satisfaction as the goal, UAE Post adhere to its principles, through the network and more than 115 post offices to provide customers with a one-stop solution. , The United Arab Emirates), referred to as the United Arab Emirates, located in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, north to the Persian Gulf, northwest and Qatar, the West and South and Saudi Arabia, the East, the East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE: UAE) And the northeastern coastline with Oman adjoining 734 kilometers long, with a total area of ??83,600 square kilometers, the capital of Abu Dhabi. The 7th century, the UAE under the Arab Empire. Since the 16th century, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and other colonialists have invaded. The early 19th century, gradually reduced to the British protectorate. On March 1, 1971, the United Kingdom announced that the treaty concluded with the Emirates would be terminated at the end of the year. In December 2 the same year, the United Arab Emirates was established, by Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman 6 emirate to form a federal state. February 10, 1972, Ras Al Khaimah joined the Federation. UAE local residents are Arabs, most of the residents of Islam. United Arab Emirates is a known oil-producing countries in Western Asia desert, "desert flowers" reputation. UAE Dubai sailing hotel is the world's only seven-star hotel. The Al Ain Cultural Site is the only World Heritage Site in the United Arab Emirates.

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