Name of logistics: Express Station
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telephone number:718-886-3368

More information:Integrity, efficiency, quality, low price is the company's business objectives, the credibility of the first, the customer first is the company's operating philosophy, high-quality workforce, will be able to accurately grasp the entrusted to our customers every item of the latest developments, Tracking, to ensure the safety of goods, to accurately reach the customer designated locations. Select the express station, you will get the fastest, most favorable, most secure 24-hour all-weather service. We provide complete transport services, air express delivery through-train service, import and export declarations, so that manufacturers have more efficient logistics services, you save costs to create more business opportunities, customs clearance speed, low cost, effective cost control, Rapid, indeed, considerate logistics services for the purpose of a more professional credit services, charges reasonable welcome your advice. Here, we sincerely welcome you to visit the Company or to inquire negotiations, and sincerely look forward to your joining. We hope that the enthusiasm of the express mail service network with you to work together and common development.

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