Name of logistics: Guangzhou fly Yan
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telephone number:020-62139810

More information:Guangzhou-Yan International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is approved by the Guangzhou Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau set up. Cargo security and security, focusing on foreign trade for SMEs and individuals to provide safe, convenient and efficient international logistics services. Fei Yan to professional logistics services, served more than 200 countries around the world. Fei Yan International Logistics adhere to the service to win, to create a good brand image of good service, and eBay, quick sell, Amazon, Dunhuang network platform sellers and self-store network logistics cooperation for many years, in the industry has a strong Competition. Strong agent DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, Fedex, postal packages, and other international courier. Main: Taiwan green, green Malaysia, Singapore green, the Japanese agent TNT UPS DHL FedEx EMS postal packages, and other international courier. And opened up, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other international green.

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