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More information:Export business: from Auckland to the rest of the world more than 100 basic routes, covering the world's thousands of ports and inland cities, the basic port to provide double or double classes per week or more services, and added to non-basic goods in Hong Kong Route weekly service, this straight fight services to save the transit time of goods, speed up the speed of goods to Hong Kong. Business around the world, a total of more than 80 straight points, more than 800 points to fight points. The first set off a precedent for receiving, set up Pinxiang container yard in Tianjin to facilitate customers around the customer, saving customers delivery time and improve work efficiency. In the following cities to do different places to place a single: Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Cangzhou, Baoding, Chengde, Hohhot, Baotou, Yinchuan, Xining, Urumqi, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changchun. Network Global: a powerful agent network system, more than 500 agents, from Hamburg, Antwerp, Bremen, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Busan, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe and other basic port to Auckland, , Transfer fight, the ship can be timely to the customer dynamic and cargo status information. F.T.D. in Auckland has its own Treasury 1,000 square meters, the hospital area of ??5,000 square meters. And Auckland Customs EDI network, all the operation using the computer to complete, there are customs approved tally company's approved packing list, to be foolproof. The headquarters of the special mission of 10 people in the night, was on duty. All employees through EDI and headquarters contact, implementation of rapid discharge commitment. Import business: to door service: we can do for customers to do import declaration, inland transport operations, and further extends the F.T.D. company's import services. Fast delivery service: In order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, F.T.D. offices can provide for a single service, customers can apply for a single procedure for the nearest. For emergencies, we can also provide guests with quick unboxing services to facilitate the guests the fastest way to handle the delivery procedures. Online cargo tracking: In order to improve our services, we launched an online cargo tracking system, you can according to the hands of the bill of lading number, where the corresponding goods arrived in Hong Kong after the dynamic information.

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