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telephone number:021-31153118

More information:Guangzhou City, Hong Kong Express Co., Ltd. is a professional courier service providers in the industry with more than 10 years of development history and rich management experience, professional customers to provide express delivery, logistics, warehousing, land transport, maritime transport, air transport, alone Customs declaration and other services. In December 2014, Guangzhou Port Express Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the merger and reorganization, the formal operation of the "high-speed rail courier" business (hereinafter referred to as "high-speed rail" business), the company's business headquarters is located in Dongguan City, - CRH Express (CRH Express) by the state-owned large central enterprises "China Railway Corporation" directly under the unit, "China Railway Express Co., Ltd." organized by the State Council Development and Reform Commission approval, the State Post Bureau record, the main use of high-speed rail transport To provide customers with "door to door" courier services, products including the day, the morning up to the next day, economic courier, city express and so on.

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