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telephone number:0861-388-883

More information:Globeflight the secret of continued success? Adhere to the vision, adhere to our purpose, and strive to achieve our business objectives. Our vision: To become the world's leading independent express delivery company, through the overall road freight and air transport solutions for enterprises and developing markets to provide value-added services. Our mission: Through our commitment to professional personal and customer service, to establish long-term relations of cooperation. In the globalization of the world to provide customers with tailor-made turnkey transportation and logistics solutions. Our aim: to provide both domestic and international. We are goal-driven, available on the same day or overnight, depending on the situation. Our Services: OPERATION 24 Seven 365 means we serve you when you need us, rain or shine, day or night, public holidays or weekends. Our services cover the same day delivery by dawn Delivieries to Overnight Express) to budget and road freight cargo. When it comes to international delivery, we also offer courier and air freight. We provide cross-border road transport services for Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia. Our values: Dedicated teamwork and customer-driven IT solutions that provide exceptional service to their clients require the daily practice of these virtues: integrity, honesty, trust, experience and innovation. These make our core business courier express to a wide range of global networks and meet customer repeat business.

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