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More information:Li Tong Logistics Group was established in 1991 and headquartered in Shanghai, the registered capital of 4 million US dollars, in 2012 the turnover of 220 million US dollars. Entrepreneurship at the beginning, Lee Tong that is dedicated to join the logistics industry professionals, uphold the spirit of cooperation and knowledge seeking to develop by leaps and bounds. With a broad scope of business license, Lee Tong can be involved in various fields of China's logistics industry and the establishment of a solid platform and architecture. Lee Tong's goal is to work with many overseas partners to grow, expand their business, tailored to customers personalized service. Litong Logistics specializes in the import and export services of air, sea, road and rail transportation. The business scope covers Lanhuo, booking, customs clearance, consolidation, transportation documents, transshipment, warehousing and insurance. Through our close cooperation with our overseas partners, we provide a complete set of logistics solutions. With a service network covering five continents, can your goods quickly and safely sent to any destination in the world. As a typical logistics provider, Litong believes that it is extremely important to establish good relationships with customers and partners. By listening to the voice of our customers, we continue to progress, and that provide customers with superior service pride. In order to achieve the above commitments, Lee will be "punctual and trustworthy, safe arrival" as the slogan of our services.

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