Name of logistics: Hsinchu freight forwarding
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telephone number:412-8866

More information:Good goods need to have a good sales channel, how to get Taiwan to go out, let the world see the good of Taiwan goods? With its belief, Hsinchu Logistics is based on strong logistics technology, and with Taiwan and the mainland's professional team work together to design and design a complete electronic business services for Taiwan and mainland China e-commerce and physical access, to provide "distribution agency" services, manufacturers As long as a single pair of Hsinchu logistics, will be able to import goods to Taiwan and the mainland at the same time a number of channels to create performance! To Taiwan, the virtual electricity supplier channel includes the dense, large buyers and other major buy network, as well as HCT's reciprocal network, to the mainland, the Hsinchu logistics Taobao Taiwan Pavilion, one of the major suppliers , To provide high-quality goods MIT Taiwan, the current virtual electricity business access Taobao - goods Taiwan shopping shop, and Yushan Bank cooperation in the days of cats - Yushan Taiwan food flagship stores, and a number of physical access, regardless of entity or virtual electricity providers Channel, HCT to provide marketing planning, customer service orders, the flow, logistics, business agent full service to reduce the pressure on manufacturers to expand the mainland market.

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