Name of logistics: Huitong
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telephone number:400-956-5656

More information:Huitong Express was established in 2003, is a pioneer in the use of information technology to explore the courier industry transformation and upgrading of large private express delivery company, the courier delivery process to implement bar code scanning and consignment check way to provide users with accurate Courier service. November 2010, Hangzhou BES Network Technology Co., Ltd. successfully acquired "Huitong Express", then changed its name to "BESHI Huitong" to become a well-known network of BESP Express brand. "Baishi Huitong" will be "carrying sustenance, full care" as a service concept, adhering to the "investment in people, investment in technology," the corporate culture, together with the industry elite for the rapid development of China's express contribution to the cause. In 2016, "Baishi Huitong" renamed, officially the new name "Best Express" available.

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