Name of logistics: Guangzhou, China
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telephone number:0755-29356863

More information:Shenzhen City to promote international logistics Co., Ltd. is a focus on cross-border Russian electricity logistics company, the company founder with more than 20 years of Russian logistics experience of experts, Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce experts to jointly build the Russian-speaking countries cross- Electrical business logistics enterprises, is committed to the use of Internet technology innovation and R & D to build the Russian express network. For domestic and foreign sellers to provide professional, safe and efficient logistics services to ensure that your goods successfully reach the hands of customers at the same time low-cost service products to help you develop more business and enhance competitive advantage, Division I and professional clearance company, Timely grasp of the Russian port policy and changes, to avoid the risk of goods in Russia. The company's main Russia, Belarus, Ukraine door-to-door courier, land, air and so on. Now Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other offices. Shenzhen to promote international efforts to build a well-known platform to become eBay, Dunhuang network, Alibaba, PAYPAL recommended international logistics service providers, will also become a common choice for many online sellers.

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