Name of logistics: Shenzhen Hao in the ho
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telephone number:4006-600-839

More information:Hao Hao in Shenzhen City Logistics Limited, the Shenzhen Municipal Logistics Industry Association member units. The company is located in Shenzhen Pinghu Liangan good friends Logistics Park 8, close to Danping Expressway, the Dutch high-speed junctions, from Jinpeng Logistics Park is only 1,500 meters, convenient transportation and accessible, is extremely advantageous geographical location. Founded in 1996, is the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Urban Road Transport Bureau, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue Department to review the record and approved the establishment of the logistics company with a registered capital of 2 million yuan and headquartered in Longgang District, Shenzhen Pinghu Liangan Friends of logistics Park, over the years, with quality service, access to all sectors of society and manufacturers of the support and love, so that Division I continued to progress and achieved greater results.

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