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telephone number:91 1800 11 2011

More information:India's postal network of more than 150,000, is the world's domestic postal network of one of the largest countries, of which 89% of the distribution network in rural areas. Each postal network service average 6585 people, service area of ??21.09 square kilometers. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of different customers, India Post has developed a series of value-added services, a substantial increase in the postal economic benefits. In 1996, India Post established a commercial postal service development department, which is responsible for the design, supervision, development and market operation of value-added services to ensure the development of value-added services. The Development Department's responsibilities include managing, expanding and marketing existing value-added products and services, designing and introducing new value-added products and services, developing plans, regulations and guidance for product sales and network development, conducting market research, market testing and Product improvement, responsible for strategic alliances and cooperation, monitoring and evaluation of value-added products and business growth, research and development departments of the commercialization of idle resources. After years of operation, India Post has developed a series of potential value-added services such as postal courier service, VIP customer service, postal greeting card business, express parcel service, postcards business, postal data service, electronic billing service, mixed mail service, Postal retail business. Diversification of value-added services to promote the growth of India's postal benefits. 2003 to 2004 fiscal year for the Indian post to create 74.7253 billion rupees of business income.

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